Facebook Fanpage

"Little Known Way Savvy {TAG}’s
are Growing their Businesses by Leaps and Bounds in this Tight Economy"


Dear business owner & entrepreneur,

If you’re a {TAG}, struggling keeping your head above water in this economy, you’re not alone.

But there is an answer – one that could have you getting new customers, prospects and sales as soon as this week.

"Get to the point, I’m busy" you say.

And that exactly IS my point. Because while you’re busy with your business, the rest of the country is spending an average 20 minutes a day on this one online activity. (And it isn’t Angry Birds.)

Imagine standing in the grocery store line and seeing five people in front of you. Four out of five of them are spending as much as 40 minutes a day on this one activity.

"What is it" you ask?

Facebook. America’s new pastime. And if you, and more importantly, your business are not on Facebook, you are losing out on a way that could double, perhaps triple your business over the course of the next year. Seriously. I’ve seen it happen. Time and time again.

No doubt you’ve heard of Facebook and maybe tried to promote your business on it. But I’ll bet, conservatively speaking, your results were less than stellar.

That’s because there is a little-known method to promoting and building a business using Facebook. You can’t treat Facebook as just another advertising medium.

You must take into account its social and viral elements.

What do I mean that by that? Well, let me put it to you this way:


Answer: Trust – and Facebook is King at allowing you, the {TAG}, to create enormous trust. Quickly and easily.

But once you have a group’s or prospect’s trust, what are you going to do with it?

And that’s why I’m writing you today. There is a strategy which will allow you to corral that trust and harness it for your business – without pitching or hard selling.

There’s nothing sneaky or illegal about it. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, like conventional advertising.


And the best part, is that your efforts when successful, can’t help but go viral. As in “you tell two friends, and they tell two friends and they tell two friends…” and on and on and on.

Do it right, as we guide you, and you’ll have a marketing perpetual motion machine that’s practically impossible to turn off.


Now, once you’ve got lots of people “friending” and “liking” you, what are you going to do with all that trust and interest?

Well first, I’m going to tell you what you absolutely can’t do.

Whatever you do, don’t send them to your website – it’s the kiss of death on Facebook.

Why? Two reasons:

  Reason #1: People on Facebook, wants to stay on Facebook, they don’t want to leave the Facebook environment.
  Reason #2: People especially on Facebook don’t want to feel like they’re being “pitched” on something. In other words, no sales presentations.

So what can you, the business owner, do?

A Facebook fan page is like a website, but it stays within Facebook. That overcomes problem number one.

Now if you’ve spent thousands over the years on your current website, you can be rest assured that having a Facebook fan page built for your business won’t cost anywhere near that. The cost is extremely reasonable.

In fact, that’s what my company does. We build profit-pulling Facebook fan pages for our clients.

There are several things we’ve learned since Facebook introduced fan pages and they’ve made all the difference for our clients, especially when it comes to getting new prospects and customers. We’ve become authorities and experts at using the power of Facebook social media to grow almost any kind of business.

Right now, I’d like to make you a special offer to build a Facebook fan page for your business. But before I do, let me ask you a sincere question:

For most businesses, especially local ones like hairdressers and restaurants, the cost ranges anywhere from $497 to as much as $997 per prospect.

So when I say will build you a Facebook fan page for just a small one-time fee of $297, you can start to appreciate the bargain you’re getting. Each month there is a FanPage hosting fee of $49.00. No contracts and you can cancel anytime…

Imagine each week, getting a steady stream of new prospects and customers you’ve never had before. Imagine that because they feel they already know you, they implicitly trust you. And because of that trust, they are far more likely to do business with you. And they’ll continue to do business, referring their friends as they go along.

Now compare the quality of these prospects to ones you’d get with conventional advertising – trying to sell your way into a prospect’s heart.

For just $297, we’ll build you an attractive, prospect-getting Facebook fan page. We know how to put your best foot forward into the social media environment, like Facebook. Each month there is a FanPage hosting fee of $49.00. No contracts and you can cancel anytime…

What’s great is that part of our strategy involves prospects who visit your page to "like" the page. This is where your business can go viral.

Because when someone "likes" something on Facebook, it’s displayed not only on the prospect’s “wall”, but also on the walls of their friends and family. Allowing you to reach out and comment, as you please on their conversations.

But it all starts with having a prospect-getting fan page. One that prospects can’t help but LIKE.

Are you starting to see the power of Facebook fan pages for your business?

Now my guess is you’re probably new to using Facebook for business building purposes. Or you may have tried and come up short previously.

That’s okay. Because when you order your Facebook fan page today, I want to do something special for you: I want to teach you everything my company and I have learned about Facebook marketing, especially with Facebook fan pages.

When you order now, you can expect the following valuable bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Turbocharging Facebook Marketing Webinar Video (Valued at $297)

Recently, I conducted a live webinar for clients to learn exactly how to get the most out of Facebook when it comes to building their business.

I cut to the chase and got to the point of the things that challenge most business owners. I’m told it’s made a huge difference in business owners being able to effectively and profitably leverage Facebook.

Frankly, it’s worth $297 all by itself. But it’s also included when you order your Facebook fan page from us today.

Bonus #2 – In-Depth Marketing Audit (Valued at $497)

I’ve saved the best bonus for last.

We want you to look at your fan page for the first time and say "Wow!"  That’s usually what happens. But if that doesn’t happen for you, let us know how we can change it until you love it.
We’ll follow through with a smile.

As you can see, my personal goal is not just to offer you a Facebook fan page. Because that alone will not drive business your way.

I also want to share the Facebook and other marketing success strategies which have proven to double and triple businesses over the course of the past year.

With what I am offering you today, you’ll become a more astute Facebook social media marketer. You’ll avoid all the landmines and tripwires your competition is falling over.

Once we’ve created your custom Facebook fan page, you’ll start to see results, as soon as within the first week.

If you know anything about me and my company, you know that we always stand behind our work. We offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

We want you to look at your fan page for the first time and say "Wow!" That’s usually what happens. But if that doesn’t happen for you, let us know how we can change it and we will change it until you are completley satisfied. We’ll follow through with a smile.

So go ahead, take me up on my generous offer and let’s get you and your business started leveraging the enormous power of Facebook.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

With great expectations,

USA Marketing Alliance, Inc.
(866) 495-9196

PS: Remember, for just $297, you’ll be able to take advantage of a brand-new income stream. An income stream that is only going to get larger in the future. Note: Each month there is a FanPage hosting fee of $49.00. No contracts and you can cancel anytime…

With the Facebook fan page you’ll receive, plus almost a thousand dollars in bonuses and additional training, you’ll have everything you need to take Facebook by storm.